The rest at the hotel was interesting. Not smilling not apologizing no thank you!.

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The swimming pools are big knipa clean. The food was terrible. The eighties room decoration, staff negligence and the all-around "so tourist vibe". On the strand everyone is constantly being hassled by pedlars.

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Genom Mobilversionen har du ett något mer begränsat spelutbud, men likväl fullt tillräckligt för att förse den vardaglige casinospelaren ett tandem timmar. The bread was stale, and because the pastries were warmed in the metal pans, they tasted tinny. Här är det bara att välja samt vraka bland massvis med skojig bingospel.

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Rooms were very clean. The peacocks were a nice addition. Anmärkning smilling not apologizing no thank you!. The shower didn't work and so the water barely came out. The rest at the hotel was interesting. Inom love the services and the food was so good Everything was excellent. Ett par bruten dem har vi redan nämnt ovan. Swimmingpool in front of room, next to the sea, great location, French restaurant was good.


There was no plug for the tub so baths were out of the question. The food was absolutely horried, the staff was extremely rude, entertainment was anything but entertaining. The strand is fabulous!. Bathrooms need work. You had to wake up extremely early to get a spot on the beach.

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